Friday, June 27, 2008

Easy ways to be an optimist

I consider myself to be the most optimistic person in the world - seriously, the ultimate "Pollyanna!" I get it from my mom who always taught me to look on the bright side and remembering that things aren't always as bad as they seem.

Lately it seems people have really been down and out about gas prices, food prices and so on, but I think we always need to remember all the wonderful things in life we are blessed with and not let little things ruin what could be a great day!

I came across these five steps from Oprah on how to to become an optimist:

1) be kind to other people - chances are, they will treat you the same way
2) if you just let you a smile, it will send a message to your brain saying things really aren't that bad
3) keep "failure" out of your life, and mind
4) no matter how bad you think things are, they could always be worse
5) don't sweat the small stuff

So next time you are feeling down and out, just think of this cute cat, and let out a smile.

image: Vox


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