Saturday, June 21, 2008

A sunny Friday

Friday was a perfect day in Seattle - sunny and a high of 83! After work, my brother Mike picked me up from work and we went to Duke's Chowderhouse by my work for dinner. It was such a nice evening, we decided to venture out for ice-cream and ended up at Molly Moon's. It was a cute ice-cream shop and we were hoping by the line outside the door, that it would be as good as it seemed. The line was worth the wait and I had my traditional chocolate, while Mike got the surprisingly delicious basalmic strawberry! If you are in the the Wallingford area, I recommend this cute place!

image: Molly Moon's


michelle {lovely.little.things} said...

Balsamic strawberry huh? Interesting...I guess it could be good, Giada always combines balsamic w/ice cream & orange, sounds weird but apparently it's delish!

I'm so proud of my little blogging protege!

Nathan said...

I went there on Saturday with Sasha! We shared the Scout Mint - it's made with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.


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