Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boating and dinner at Palisade

Sunday started off with a nice walk around Queen Anne and some delicious Jamba Juice for breakfast!

Later that afternoon I went boating with Brooke, Daniel and their friends around Lake Washington. It was so relaxing out on the water and I always have a great time with Brooke!

As a belated birthday dinner, my parents, my brother Mike, Nick and I went out to one of my favorite restaurant in Seattle - Palisade! The view there is unbeatable and the food and service are amazing. This is definitely the place to to go celebrate a special occasion or impress out of town guests. You get a view of everything that makes Seattle so wonderful: the skyline, the sound and the mountains. I love getting to see my family and it's an added bonus when it's over delicious food!

beautiful interior of Palisade

Elliot Bay Marina by Palisade

image: Flickr
image: Flickr
image: Flickr

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michelle said...

Love Palisades - such great food! I'm jealous!


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