Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Concert at Marymoor Park

Nick's all time favoriate band (his equal to my Justin Timberlake obsession) is Live. When he found out they were doing an outdoor concert in Redmond's Marymoor Park with Collective Soul and Blues Traveler, he had to go and I agreed.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting very much, but I ended up really enjoying myself. It was a beautiful, sunny evening and it was so relaxing just sitting on the lawn and enjoying the music - even though I didn't really know any of the songs. But of course we had to head up to the front when Live came on!

Overall it was a really good time and it was a great way to spend a summer evening! I would definetly head over there for another one of their concerts!

Nick was so excited!

very end of the concert

image: Marymoor Park

1 comment:

michelle said...

Fun! Fun! I love Marymoor concerts, you guys always take such great pictures - what a photogenic couple!


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