Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

To celebrate Halloween, Nick (white wizard) and I (Wicked Witch of the West - minus the green paint) went to our friend Emi's house for a bit and then on our way back down to Seattle stopped by Nick's friends house in Fremont.

I had to call it an early night since I was waking up so early in the morning so Meghan was nice enough to pick me up in Fremont while Nick stayed out. The best part of my day though was seeing all the little kids dressed up at my work's preschool and then walking down Queen Anne Ave and seeing all the families with their kids.


{michelle} said...

Cute costume, like Nick's white beard!

Carrie said...

I saw all the kids on Queen Anne too, soo cute! I hope you're having fun in Hawaii!


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