Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in review

Ok, where did 2009 go?! This year seriously flew by! I spent the evening looking through old blog posts to recap my year. Getting engaged was obviously the highlight of my year (and decade), but there were pretty of other good memories that I will remember from 2009:


I became a member of my sorority's house corporation board. A fun volunteer activity and way to give back to ADPi.




Trip to San Francisco and Napa with Nick


Britney Spears concert



Pikes Place cheese and wine festival with ADPi girls


Joleen visits from NYC

family hiking


My 25th birthday!

Tyler and Christine's wedding

Coldplay concert at the Gorge

Boat Prom

Bunco in the park


Danielle and Kent's wedding

Random Dreamphone night

Hiking with wildflowers

Learning how to wakeboard

Seattle Seafair



Carrie's bachelorette party in Las Vegas

Merrilee and Mike's wedding


Husky football tailgates

Carrie and Nick's wedding


Trip to France with Nick


Finding my wedding dress!!

Nick's new job at Microsoft

Christmas parties

2009 did have sad parts though: my family cat, Slick, dying; my great-aunt Dorothy dying; friends losing jobs.

But I always try to think of the glass half full, count my blessings, say goodbye to sad memories, focus on the "everyday delights" that life brings me (sorry, I had to do it) and to that I say bring on 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

France trip day 7: Avignon

Nick and I said goodbye to Paris for a few days and said hello to the sunny (and warmer) south of France. Provence is known for its beautiful scenery and Mediterranean cuisine, so my camera and stomach were ready!

We took a high speed train from Paris to Avignon and it only took 2.5 hours at around 200 mph!

After checking into our hotel in Provence, our first stop was the market, where I of course was in heaven. I loveeee olives (my Italian heritage in me) and I was of course going crazy with their huge selection.

We spent the whole day just walking around and enjoying the beautiful countyside, so I will let the pictures do the talking.

Daily market...

Enjoying my purchases from the market...

View of the Rhone River...

Vineyard...Palace of the Popes

Avignon half bridge...

Around the city...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

France trip day 6: Paris

Since it was our last day in Paris, we decided to just spend the whole day walking around and of course, eat!

I found lots of cute Parisian apartments I would happily live in :)

we ate a a boulangerie that was voted the best baguette in Paris back in 2007

French pastries

We also stopped in the big department story Galeries LaFayette and saw all their Christmas decorations

We also spent most of the day around the Eiffel Tower

the one on the right was our Christmas card

Then we walked up to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the sunset...

sunset over the River Seine

looking up from the second deck

Arc de triomphe, Champ du Mars, Napoleon's Tomb

And then went back down to watch the light show

Dancing in front of the Tower, just for fun!

dinner outside (all the restaurants had gas heaters)


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