Monday, March 9, 2009

Joleen's return to Seattle

Tonight my dear and wonderful friend Joleen was back in town for a few days so Brynn and I met up to dinner with her at a great happy hour spot, Smash Wine Bar and had lots of delicious small plates, including the truffle mac n' cheese - yum!!!

Joleen and I went to high school together and have remained close ever since even though she was in Syracuse for college and currently lives in NYC.

She is en route to Asia for three months to finish up her final research for an amazing book she is writing. I know she will be on Oprah one day about her books and I can't wait for all her success in life.


Nicole Marie said...

what a fun little reunion! and wow you got quite a friend!

Carrie said...

Wow, that is so cool she is writing a book! I need to check out Smash Wine Bar sometime...

Joleen said...

I love you, Carol! It was so great to see you and Brynn! I'll make sure to send you e-mails as much as I can and I will look forward to SMASH when I return! Love the happy hour!!


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