Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The SAME Cafe in Denver

The Nightly News with Brian Williams is making an effort to show more stories about people doing good in these tough times.

I thought this was a wonderful story about a cafe in Denver, called the SAME Cafe, (it stands for So All May Eat) where people can pay whatever they can afford for a good plate of food. Many customers who can afford it, will sometimes pay double or triple what the meal would cost and those who cannot, help out by doing dishes, sweeping the floor or cleaning tables.

It is not like a soup kitchen, but a real restaurant serving fresh, organic foods where people line up for them to open and everyone is treated like a full paying customer.

It was a really great story, reminding me how many good people are out there in the world, even though they don't always make the nightly news.

Here is the video, full story and the SAME Cafe website.


Andrea said...

This is really inspirational! It is always nice to reminded of the good!

Carrie said...

Wow, what a great concept! After reading this post and Michelle's Starbucks post I feel like I need to go out and do something good for others!


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