Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend update

I love those weekends where it just seems longer than 2 days, this was definitely one of them.

On Friday after work, Nick and I went up to the cabin and met up with my brother there. But before that, I got a call from my good friend Katie that she had just gotten engaged that night! I'm so excited for her!!

My brother Mike had already been skiing the past 4 days during the week with no crowds, lucky! Nick and I went up Saturday morning and it was packed!! Everyone else had the same idea as us with the fresh snow that came a few days before. We got some good runs in and then left about 1:30 and came back to Seattle and hung out with some friends for a bit in Kirkland, but I was exhausted!

On Sunday we had some friends over for a tri-date dinner. All of Nick's friends have great girlfriends/fiancees/wives so we are all good friends and love hanging out together. We had a small group over tonight and I made homemade fettuccini alfredo. So unhealthy, but it really hit the spot!

Happy Monday everyone!

1 comment:

Nicole Marie said...

sounds like a great weekend!! I am so sore from my weekend snowboarding. ouch!

hope you have a great week!


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