Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book review: French Women Don't Get Fat

What I learned:
  • French women typically think about good things to eat. American women typically worry about bad things to eat.
  • French women eat smaller portions of more things.
  • French women eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • French women eat with all five senses, allowing less to seem like more.
  • French women don't watch too much TV.
  • French women walk everywhere they can.
  • French women take the stairs whenever possible.
Loved this book! Easy, cute read with some good recipes tucked in there.

image: Amazon


Carrie said...

I've heard of this book before, sounds cute. It is amazing how America has so many overweight, obese people and other countries do not.

Nicole Marie said...

thank you thank you for the review. i've been meaning to read this book but just never got to it. but always wanted to know what the bottom line was


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