Monday, May 4, 2009

Kentucky Derby

This past weekend was the Kentucky Derby, and I would absolutely love to go someday! If so, I am going to wear a big pink hat like Jessica Simpson did.

My mom has been to the derby twice (a true Southern girl), had mint julips, and picked the winners both times (the only time she has ever gambled)!

images: Sweet Kisses


Nicole Marie said...

oh those were the days. still miss jessica and nick haha

my friends and i went to a hores race wearing big hats and dresses....we were the only ones... and got starred at a lot! haha but it was fun anyways!

Ivy Wilson said...

Ohhh.. the days of Nick and Jessica... They were my fave couple! We should plan a trip to the Derby! It's on my bucket list and would be sooooo much fun!!

Carrie said...

That is cool about your mom going twice and winning both times! It would be fun to go to the Kentucky Derby someday. I saw the race while I was in Caesar's Palace and so many people were cheering and screaming.


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