Monday, July 13, 2009

Coldplay concert review

I have been so excited to post my pictures from the Coldplay concert this past weekend, but was too exhausted on Sunday to do it.

Nick and I drove over on Saturday and met up with Meghan, Brynn, courtney, Brian and Lacey in Vantage and then caravaned over to the Gorge and set up our camp site. Meghan's little sister Molly and her friends met up with us at the camp site about an hour later and we had our tent city.

me, Brynn, Courtney and Meghan

me and Molly (note to mom and dad: I know I look burned in this picture, but I promise I am not! I was good with the SPF)

view from the top of the Gorge

sunset before the concert started

The concert was absolutely amazing. They were so outstanding and we were on our feet dancing and singing the whole time. Coldplay was on stage for about 2-hours or so and did all their hits. They did Viva La Vida (my FAVE song) during the middle of the show versus the end and I was so glad, because it was the song I had been looking forward to the most.

Meghan, me and Brynn singing to Viva La Vida

And during the show, there were two "surprise" states set up in the audience and it just happened to have been right in front of us. So for three songs, including their version of Billie Jean (which I loved), they were about 20 feet from us, it was amazing!

Then on the way back to Seattle, we were able to stop in and see Nick's grandma, then his uncle and family, and then his brother and family and see their new beautiful month-old daughter!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend and Coldplay absolutely blew me away! I am a fan for life now!

the drive back, looking over the Columbia River


Mrs. Buck said...

Sounds like so much fun! The Gorge is such an amazing venue!

Kelsey Smith said...

LOVE all the photos and looks like such an amazing time!

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh so many people! but looks like fun!!

Lily G. said...

That looks amazing!!! I went to an outdoor concert similar to this for The Fray, but the backdrop was nothing like the ones in your pics!!

PinkSass said...

Love the pics of you girls singing together. Looks like a great time.

Brown Girl said...

That's awesome, glad you had a fun time!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Can't believe they did Billie Jean. Must have sounded awesome.

Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic pics ~ you look fabulous!
Love Coldplay :)


Thomas said...

Oh, I need to see Coldplay one of these days.

Allison said...

Omgosh, that looks absolutely amazing! Seriously, Coldplay are just amazing live - and it looks like such a beautiful spot to watch them play! I think it's awesome that they played Billie Jean!

mom said...

I don't know Carol, you look pretty pink to me!!

Tracy-Girl said...

Amazing!! So much fun

Carly said...

oooo i got chills just from looking at your pictures. i hope they come back soon when i´m in town!!

My Wooden Heart said...

This looks like such a blast! I love Coldplay!

Micaela said...

Carol I KNEW you would love it!!! and you got to enjoy it as I finally did- outdoors on the grass. seriously, it made it THAT much better. Didn't you loooove their suprise set-ups? i love how they always do that, so genuine and humble. Like it means a lot to them that you're there.

I totally forgot (in my excitement!) about the Billie Jean tribute. AMAZING!!! did they do the cell phone wave? ha i loooove Chris Martin. AMAZING man, amazing voice, amazing band.

i love your pics!


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