Monday, August 17, 2009

Show us your life: Favorite vacation spot

A blog I just found, Kelly's Korner, asked the question to her readers "what is your favorite vacation spot?" I couldn't choose just one, so I had to make a list and limit myself to ten (in no particular order, except for Rome, that will always be my #1):

1. Rome/anywhere in Italy
Italy is hands down my favorite place in the world. I took a previous family vacation there and then had to opportunity to study abroad there my senior year in college and call Rome home for 3 months and got to travel all over the beautiful country.

Italian beach

silohuette of the Vatican at sunset

I love this statue, its not a famous one, but there is something about it that I love

at the Colosseum with my good friends and roommates in Rome, Jessie and Erika

throwing our coins in the Trevi Fountain, can't wait to go back someday

2. The Holy Land
I feel very fortunate that my mom and I had the opprtunity to travel around Israel, Jordan and Egypt for a pilgrimage. Not only did we visit all of the amazing historical and biblical sites, we also rode camels and we floated in the Dead Sea!

image: Flickr

3. London
Another wonderful family trip! I loved the gardens, horses in Hyde Park and high tea in the afternoon!

image: Flickr

4. New York City
Trip with Nick last year and loved the energy there and seeing Ellis Island.

pointing to my grandfather's name at Ellis Island

5. San Francisco
Trip with Nick earlier this year and I loved everything about it, especially the cable cars. And made a side trip to Napa and Sonoma for some great wines!

6. Hawaii
So many great trips there growing up, beautiful beaches and clear warm water! My most recent trip was with two of my best friends, Meghan and Brynn, when we went last November for a week of good girl bonding at the Westin Kaanapali on Maui!

after a swim in the beautiful ocean

view from our room

En route to the pool

beaches of Kaanapali

amazing sunset

7. Sicily
I'm separating this out from Italy because it was so special to see the place where my dad's family came from. After I finished my study abroad program, my mom and dad came over to visit and then we went down to Sicily where we even met some of our relatives for the first time.

It really gives you a great feel of old world Italy without the tourists (some people there had never even seen an American!)

fishing boats on the coast of Sicily

our cousin making bread in their bakery

bread made by my cousin, and it tasted as good as it looks

When we were there, it was the Feast of St. Joseph's so to honor the day, the Church leads a procession through the whole town and everyone follows behind them praying and singing. I felt like I was in an old Italian movie!

the beginning of the procession

Sicilian priests

the townspeople lining up behind St. Joseph

St. Joseph statue

literally the whole town in the procession

8. Spain
A trip with my wonderful study abroad group. Beautiful beaches, great food, architecture and markets.

Erika and I at a marina

9. Ireland
Another trip with my study abroad friends. Had lots of fun running through Dublin, but I think it was the people I was with that made it so wonderful.

Erika and Jessie getting in the Irish spirit

Guinness factory tour

end of the tour at the Guinness Gravity Bar, the highest point in Dublin
(but I don't even like Guinness, it was a hard pint to get down)

10. New England tour
When I was younger, my family and I took a week touring around New England and I loved visiting the cities and costal areas over there, Boston, Williamsburg, Cape Cod, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and little lighhouses along the way. What a beautiful area of the country.

image: Flickr

The list could keep going on and going on and on... I love to travel, want to see everything the world has to offer and can't wait to add onto this list!


Jax said...

My goodness you've been a ton of places! I've always wanted to go to Rome!!! Gorgeous photos, great post! :)

Kelsey Smith said...

Your experiences outside of the US are unbelievable! You truly are lucky and I will travel with you any day!

Nicole Marie said...

oh italy, oh london, oh spain, oh san francisco, oh so many places! love them all and love all your pictures of them!

Lily G. said...

You've been to some amazing places!! I just adore Rome and Italy!! I can't wait to go back.

C said...

Wow, you're quite the traveler! Next time I'm going to hop in your suitcase, k?? ;)

Carrie said...

Wow, you really are well traveled! I wish I would have studied abroad in college. It is probably one of my biggest regrets. I was so worried about what I would miss out on, but I ended up missing out on an incredible opportunity!

T i f f a n y said...

Whoa! That is quite a list! I'm sad to say I have never been to any of those places :( I might have to add them to my list though! Looks like you had a great time at every location :)

Dionne said...

Sound like a bunch of awesome vacation spots. Traveling is awesome!

Ivy Wilson said...

Love love love your pictures!!!

mom said...

Those were fun trips. Except for Spain and Ireland, I was with you, or at least went other times. But there is still a lot of world out there to see, so keep traveling,

Nick Walker said...

When I was a junior, I asked if I could study abroad and the advisor laughed at me. I'm sure we'll get to go to all of these places together though.

caroline said...

looks like you've had some amazing adventures! love your blog!

Savvy Gal said...

oh wonderful trips. i want to visit italy soon. i think traveling allows me to have wider perspective of the world and things in general.

Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic post and pics, darling! You are quite well-travelled!

My favorite spots of the ones you listed are Spain and NYC!


Holly said...

awesome post!! i think my fav is you pointing to your grandpas name at ellis island, that is incrediable.

the southern hostess said...

So many great places! I think Rome is my favorite too.

Petes Speaks said...

Score! I made your blog post several times! Wahoo!

Let's go back. Ok?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you've traveled so much! I think I did the same things in Dublin :) It was so fun there!! The Guinness factory was a favorite.

Kristin said...

Wow, what a travel resume you have. I'm jealous!! Beautiful pics.

smile steady said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Will you take me with you next time? :)

Lacey said...

This is my dream vacation list!! What great places and gorgeous photos. I've yet to visit any of them due to school but I want definitely want to go to Europe to celebrate after I finish my doctorate. Italy is on the top of my list!

Fashion Addict said...

Lovely lovely post! I am amazed at all the photos. Very beautiful.

Oh and I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a contest at my blog and I'm giving away a new watch so please stop by and enter!

The Socialite said...

sooo sooo jealous! You've had so many great adventures! :)

ayatasarim said...

wow how lucky you are:) seen lots of places with great vacations:)
ı hope you can look at my vacation writing in my blog too:)

In this wonderful life... said...

WOW!! you have been SO many places!! I want to do more traveling. BEAUTIFUL pictures! NYC is my fav :)

Lyr said...

You travel bug!!! Been to Hawaii... LOVE IT! But... your number 2 place, I want to go desperately!!! Hope you can someday go to all these amazing places!

Allison said...

You are quite the traveler! =) I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy... it's definitely at the top of my list. And I love your pictures of NYC - even though I live so close to it, it really is one of my favorite places to be! You look so pretty in all your pictures =)

Jenni said...

Holy Cow you have been to some beautiful places! I hope one day I can list out a long list full of art, food, culture and color but alas, I have never been beyond north america. :(

The Cottage Cheese said...

I envy your vacation list! You are so lucky to have seen all of these amazing places. Your photos are stunning. My favorite thing about this post is your sentiment about finding your grandfather's name at Ellis island and meeting your family in Sicily. This is very sweet, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Carol....this is one of my favourite posts of yours. I love travelling and I love hearing about other people's travels! Great pics.


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