Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishful Wednesday: singing


Kelsey's question this week was so easy for me to answer because I've been wanting have this talent forever!

'I wish' ....
I had one particular talent, and it would be ... singing!

Seriously I cannot carry a tune! I am so jealous of everyone out there who can actually sing.

And if I could sing, these are the three things I would do:

a) Be a star in High School Musical

image: Disney

b) Make a guest appearance on one of my favorite television shows, Glee, in between performing on Broadway.

image: FOX

c) Perform at the VMAs with Britney Spears

image: MTV

4) Make a Christmas CD since I live for Christmas music

image: amazon

side note: as I was typing this blog entry, I was flipping through the channels right when Aladdin was on the Disney channel and was just in time to belt out "A Whole New World" (yes I know all the words). And I think poor Nick and reassure here that indeed I have no voice!

Hop on over to Kelsey's blog, The Seattle Smiths if you want to add your talent!


~KS said...

This would be my wishful talent too... I am just awful, but if I could sing, I would never stop. And I would want to be in the musicals Wicked and Rent... and I'd roll my windows down in the car when I sang... and I'd probably do kareoke more often!

Lyr said...

LOVE GLEE!!! that would be so freaking awesome!

Brynn said...

Uhhh I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas music. I have been secretly considering putting it on Pandora at work, but I think my co workers would look at me like I'm crazy. After Halloween though, it will be in full force!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

haha this made me laugh!!! I would love to see you on Glee :)

Tracy-Girl said...

We have WAY too much in common!! I did this same exact one!! I do them when she puts out the topic and have it scheduled to go today!! This is so funny... :)

Dionne said...

Yeah, I can't sing either. To put it bluntly - I SUCK!!! It's something that I always wish I could do well.

Selma said...

I need to start on Wishful Wednesday; this looks like fun. Singing...I love it. I used to sing in a church choir and even though I was told I had an incredible voice I literally suck at singing. Harshly said but true. ;) This is though where Karaoke comes in handy! :)

Jenni said...

haha I totally agree, and don't worry. I know all of the words too!

mom said...

Well Carol, the only person who sings worse than me is your father, so you can blame us. I used to kid that I would sell my soul to be able to sing beautifully. All you have to do is listen to me to sing to realize the devil didn't want it.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your momma's comment is great!

Jax said...

Ha! I so love the NSYNC xmas cd!! Hilarious! And um.. yeah.. I wish I could sing, too b/c my voice prolly makes small children cry.

The Socialite said...

so it's safe to say you love music and want to sing?! :)

Me too! I'm off tune so much, my guy loves to say I have a nice voice and says I should do American Idol...maybe he's tricking me into making those famous first shows where the contestants are awful?! Yup, I'd be right there, I'd be the last one they'd show. The really awful one that makes the night. haha ;)

SaraJ said...

haha I agree! Allmost all your answers would have been mine.

L. Sjo


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