Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful weekend and it seemed extra long (in a good way!) We spent Thursday with my family and then Friday-Sunday with Nick's.

I didn't really take any pictures because I was so busy eating, but I did snap one of Nick in his birthday crown at his parents house! His birthday was last week, but we celebrated this weekend again since we were at his parents.

And the whole drive back we listened to Christmas music (I had control of the radio)! I am so excited its finally here! Bring it all on!

And...happy birthday to my dad! Sadly we couldn't celebrate today since he and my mom had to fly out of town for my mom's aunt's funeral, but we'll celebrate soon dad! Thanks for being such a wonderful dad and for all you've done for me!

(dad at Everest base camp, 17,598 feet)

And, our Huskies beat the WSU Cougars in a 30-0 shutout for the Apple Cup title (our big rivalry game)! Go Huskies!!! Perfect way to top off a great weekend!

(image: Seattle Times)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Jenni said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

Jax said...

That is SO cool about your dad at Everest base camp! I have seriously always wanted to go.. I don't think I could really do the entire climb... Hmm.. Yeah. Never say never I suppose. :) Glad you had a great holiday and I love the birthday crown! ha!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

French lover said...

Your fiancé looks so cute with his crown ! :))

Cee said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to your dad!

Lacey said...

Sounds like a a great holiday weekend! And so perfect to listen to Christmas music on the way home!

Selma said...

So glad to hear you had a marvelous time over the weekend! Happy belated birthday to Nick, and happy birthday to your dad. Yay on Christmas music...this is going to be such an amazing month! :)

New England Girl said...

I am so happy you had such a lovely holiday. :) Lucky for you that you get to listen to Christmas music in the car... I can only do that when I'm by myself! :) I think I'm dating The Grinch himself, pre-heart growth. ;)
Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Hope you're doing well. :) xoxo.

Sassy Chica said...

So happy you enjoyed your thanksgiving holiday weekend....lots to be thankful for!!!

Sassy Chica

Kelly said...

sounds like you had a fantastic holiday!!!

love all your pictures!
happy monday, carol!

Lyr said...

Seems like you had a great weekend!!!

Annie said...

glad you had such a great long weekend and thanksgiving!!
hope you are having a good day today hun :)


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