Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Matt and Meredith's wedding

I am so far behind in blogging so going back to the beginning of the month, pictures from the wedding of our friends Matt and Meredith!

Matt and Nick were friends from their fraternity and Meredith and I were friends from our sororoty (I was her first roommate)! So even though we are friends with them as a couple, we were both friends with them before Nick and I even knew each other. And now Meredith and I are work colleagues and volunteer for ADPi corp board together!

So here are pictures from their lovely wedding on Sept. 4 at the Artic Club Hotel in downtown Seattle.

the beautiful dome ceiling

serenading the bride

candy bar!

ADPi ladies

Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 football season: UW vs. Syracuse

I am so behind on blogging and still need to do some posts about the wedding (waiting on the professional pictures), honeymoon and a friend's wedding two weekends ago.

But for now, my favorite season of the year: college football! Nick and I got season tickets this year and our first game of the season was a win against Syracuse. Our friends Emi and Kyle hosted an awesome tailgate and then at halftime I met up with my friend Joleen who was in from NYC to cheer on Syracuse.

It was a great day all around and a UW victory, 41-20.

And in other exciting alma mater news,
UW was ranked the 23rd university in the world
by The Times of London! Go Huskies!

view from the stadium

me and Joleen and halftime

heading down to the game with Emi

first home game!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak peek at Glee

I was so excited when the New York Times Magazine published these behind the scenes pictures from the new season of Glee! And I can hardly contain my excitement for the Britney Spears episode!

rehersing the Britney episode

Me Against The Music

...Baby One More Time

The script for the Britney episode

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book Club: Heart Of The Matter

image: amazon
Tonight is my first book club meeting with my friends from the sorority. It's more of a chance to socialize and drink wine I think, but I'm all about reading more so I'm excited it was started!

I will admit now so that my fellow book-clubbers and bloggers Baillie, Michelle and Carrie know I haven't finished the book yet - oops! At the end of the honeymoon I started The Girl Who Played With Fire (still reading it) and it was hard to put down so sadly Heart Of The Matter took a backseat.

Regardless of my knowing the ending or not (althought I think I can predict it), I'm excited to see all my friends tonight. I haven't seen them since the wedding!

some book club ladies are in the picture


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