Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Wedding: Bridal Party

Moving on to our fabulous bridal party!  Nick and I are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends and we were truly honored to have them stand next to us on the most important days of our lives, they truly are like our second family and we adore them.  I could gush for hours, literally.

The majority of these pictures were taken at Volunteer Park, a lovely space in Seattle on Capitol Hill, where Nick and I did our first look pictures.

my stunning ladies
Erin - Maid Of Honor and friend from my sorority
Meghan - Bridesmaid and friend since 9th grade and roommate after college
Brynn - Bridesmaid and friend since 9th grade
Angela - Bridesmaid and friend from my sorority
Courtney - Bridesmaid and friends since Kindergarten

Nick's handsome guys
Chris - Best Man and friend from Nick's fraternity
Nolan - Groomsman and friend from Nick's fraternity
Scott - Groomsman and friend from Nick's fraternity
Sam - Groomsman and friend from Nick's fraternity
Tyler - Groomsman and friend from Nick's fraternity

Thank you again dear friends for everything - much love to you all!


Lauren said...

I love your dress!!! :) Your bridesmaid colors are too cute! :)

Morgan said...

Such lovely photos! Loving your dress and the bmaids dresses! So pretty..each of you!

Zara said...

Beautiful photos! You looked absolutely stunning!

Mrs. H said...

Love the color of your bridesmaids dresses!

Jax said...

Gorgeous pics! What a beautiful wedding party! My fav is the last one of ya'll laughing! :)

birdie to be said...

Beautiful pictures! I love those bridesmaids dresses!

Megan said...

What a beautiful wedding...y'all look amazing and the backgrounds are picture perfect!!

Emm said...

Wow Carol! You were such a stunning bride and these photos are lovely! My favourites are the last shot and then the groups photo with each of the different couples.

Selma *Crazy Little World Of Mine* said...

Oh wow how wonderful. :D Amazing pictures...and that last one is just too funny!!! :D

Bad Joan said...

Love the color of your bridesmaid dresses. Nice choice. And you looked gorgeous.


Young People in Love said...

KILLER brides maids dresses! Looks like a wonderful day! And you, my dear, are a gorgeous bride :)

Kristin said...

That's one of the best looking bridal parties I've ever seen!

Kristin said...

Loving these pictures, and the dresses!!

Stephanie said...

Love these pictures! Your bridesmaids' dresses are so pretty. And pretty much everyone in your wedding party is gorgeous so ... yeah. :)

Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

Lindsay said...

your dress is gorgeous!!!! i love it :)
and your bridemaids dresses too! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the dresses that you chose for your bridesmaids!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your photographer did such a great job.. beautiful bridal party! Loved the bridesmaids dresses and the color of them!

Jill @ ACharmedLife said...

love all your stunning photos. you made such a beautiful bride!!!


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