Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday catch-up

Forgive the absence - like everyone else I've been busy with lots of holiday activities!

In November we celebrated Nick's birthday with a small dinner with a couple of friend and then I took him out to dinner at an Asian-fusion restaurant in the Ballard neighborhood called The Root Table.  Super yummy and I'm sure we'll head back sometime.

I've also been busy organizing all our Europe pictures from September and with a high of 41 today - I'd love to be back in warm Greece right now! I'm hoping to get to posting soon once I've sorted through all the picture.  

I've also been been keeping busy posting on UKate - a Kate Middleton blog some friends of mine started.  I've now become a resident blogger there!  Its no secret I'm a huge Kate fan, so I've enjoyed blogging on there.

This weekend I'm looking forward to Nick's company party, a fun (and annual) holiday dinner with Meghan and Brynn at The Book Bindery (recently named one of the top new restaurants of 2011!) and a relaxing spa day with my mom!

Hope everyone has been having a great start of the holiday season!


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