Monday, January 9, 2012

Thai Cooking Class

On Friday four of my friends and I took part in a Thai cooking class at a place called Hipcooks.  If  you are in the Seattle, San Diego, LA or Portland area I highly recommend this place - we had a blast!  

We learned how to cook the following:

-Veggie Spring Rolls
-Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
-Coconut rice with shrimp and cilantro
-Pad Thai
-Papaya Salad
-Green Curry with eggplant and mushrooms
-Red Curry with chicken and cashews
-Black rice with coconut cream

I've always been scared to even attempt making Thai food but after our class I learned it's actually really easy and quick! I need to make a trip to our nearest Asian grocery store to stock up on ingredients but next time we are craving Thai food I'm going to pull out my class recipes and give it a shot on my own!


Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

Mmmm, that all sounds delicious! I've only tried simple curry dishes, but I'm tempted to give Pad Thai a try sometime.

Cute picture of you ladies!

Nicole said...

yum! i want to make my own spring rolls!

Kristin said...

Ohhhh I ve always wanted to take a class!! And you learned a lot of yummy things!!!

Jax said...

So fun! you guys are so cute in your aprons! Please teach me how to make pad thai! :)

Ashley said...

ah! I love thai!

annelise said...

Fun! I love Thai food but probably would never attempt to make it myself. Asian food is the best.

Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Kendra said...

How fun! I would love to take a cooking class, especially thai - something that I would never be good at cooking. Was this an all day thing?

Iva Messy said...

That sounds totally delish! I love Chicken satay w/ peanut sauce! Happy New Year!

Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

Oh how fun! My hubby and I really want to take a cooking class together this year! Asian inspired cooking would be great to learn! Just found your blog, new follower :)

Have a great day!

yours truly, melissa said...

How fun! I love Thai & we're always ordering take-out...prob be a good thing to learn how to make ourselves!

Anonymous said...

i need to go to one of these! im afraid my boyfriend would kill me though because we'd end up with thai every night (which, sadly, would be my perfect world!)

Nicole-Lynn said...

What a neat class! Glad you had a nice time.


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