Thursday, May 31, 2012

Off to Napa!

Hello friends!  My Memorial weekend update will have to wait because I'm off to hop on a flight for a wine-filled weekend in Napa with some of my dear friends - Meghan, Brynn, Joleen and Courtney!

I couldn't find a picture of all five of us together so this will have to do:

Carol + Meghan  + Joleen + Brynn - Friends for 14+ years
Carol  + Courtney - friends for 24+ years
So excited for a fun weekend with the girls! Pictures and updates when I get back!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooking Delights: Superfood Salad

Happy Wednesday friends!  Week week before a long weekend always seems so long.  I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday *sigh* only Wednesday.

image: Iowa Girl

Thanks (again!) to Pintrest I found this amazing quinoa recipe that I am obsessing over - Superfood Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette from Iowa Girl Eats.  We love quinoa and am always happy to try new recipes!  It's so yummy I think next time I'll swap the oranges with cherry tomatoes though, just a personal preference.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend update

Hello friends!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had some lovely weather on Saturday but sadly the rain has returned.  Although I have been very behind on my baking (I like to bake for work, keeps everyone coming to my desk ;)) so the rain could help on that front.  It's been too nice in Seattle to stay inside after work!

Beautiful day at the Market to sample cheese

The most exciting part of the weekend though was an impromptu visit to the Pike Place Cheese Festival!  Nick and I were shopping downtown and randomly decided to go down to the market and I couldn't belive our luck - there was cheese everywhere!  I went previous years with friends but missed it last year when Nick and I were in New Orleans.  We walked around and sampled so much cheese - I was so happy!

Other fun things from the weekend:

-Went to El Camino for Mexican foods with friends

-Saw What To Expect When You're Expecting - so so cute!

-Got outside and enjoyed the lovely weather on Saturday

-Went out for Indian food with Nick

-Finished The Paris Wife and started Last Night At Chateau Marmont

images: Daily Mail

And in other random news - the Daily Mail featured pictures of the world's largest swimming pool. It cost $1 billion, holds 66 million gallons of water and is so big you can even sail boats on it! How insane is that?!  More pictures here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cooking Delights - Breakfast on the go

I wish I could take credit for this insanely brilliant idea, but it's the product of The Yummy Life via Pintrest - a healthy breakfast sandwich!

Let me tell you this has been a game changer in our little household!  Nick and I are both up very early since we go to the gym before work (we're talking in the 5-6 a.m. hour) so there is no time for a proper breakfast.  I know the importance of eating a good breakfast so I'm beyond thrilled to have discovered this - a healthy breakfast sandwich!

I make a batch of them, wrap them up, pop in them in the freezer and then it's an easy reheat in the morning.
Brilliant and healthy!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend update

Hello friends!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Seattle is having a fantastic stretch of weather (high 70s to 80 degrees) so I couldn’t be happier!

Nick planned a fantastic bachelor party for 23 people (!!!) in Las Vegas and was gone Thursday-Sunday so I spent the whole weekend down at my parent’s house and hung out with them and my sweet cat Missy!  We were joking the whole time that it was Mother’s Day weekend, but my parents were cooking for me, entertaining me, washing my car and filling up my car with gas!  J It was a perfect weekend to get ouside so we walked around Chambers Bay and the newly opened Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.  

Walking around the golf course
Missy and I hanging out on the deck
I did a lot of reading outside and Missy kept me company.  I’m almost finished with The Paris Wife – it’s a really good book set in Paris in the 1920s about Ernest Hemingway and his wife.  I loved the movie Midnight in Paris and a lot of the people in the movie are in the book too.

image: GoodReads

And with all this sunny weather I’m getting to break in my new summer shoes!    

And a picture of my mom and me!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cooking Delights - Penne with Pancetta, Sage, and Mushrooms

Hello friends!  Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend - I know I am!  We are currently in the midst of an amazing stretch of weather so I'm going to do a quick post and then get back outside to enjoy the day!

image: Bon Appetit

Meghan had Brynn and I over for dinner last night and I have to share this winner that she made - Penne with Pancetta, Sage, and Mushrooms.  And the herbs were even homegrown by Meghan in her P-patch!  Bon Appetit indeed!

And just because I love Kate - how much did we love her beautiful teal dress and updo today!  Love them!

image: Daily Mail

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend update

Hello friends!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was pretty busy but good!

-Saw the super moon - so pretty!  (Not my picture though - it's from NatGeo)

-Went wedding dress shopping with a friend and her family and friends

-Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Meghan and Brynn and we actually got a table at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Laredos.  It was quite an interesting night for people watching but we really wanted Mexican food

-Hand brunch with some girls from my guild

-Went to my friend Jackie's bridal shower 

-Made some yummy fish tacos

And even though it's Monday, it's a lovely day so I'm excited to get outside!


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