Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend fun in Whistler

Over the weekend Nick and I (with 8 other friends) went up to the site of the 2012 Winter Olympics - the lovely Whistler, BC!  It is such an amazing little resort town with great skiing and winter fun!  I'll have to post some more pics and recaps but here's a preview of our long weekend:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cooking Delights: Roast Chicken Night

I posted a picture of our Wednesday night dinner on Instagram (username: Carol701) and had a couple of friends ask me for the recipes so I thought I would pass them along!

Ina Garten's Roast Chicken from her How Easy Is That cookbook.  Kale Salad with Butternut Squash and Almonds from Bon Appetit.  With basic farro and wine on the side!

Another reason I love doing a whole chicken is making homemade stock afterwards.  With a big enough pot and a little bit of time it's actually pretty easy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend fun

Happy Tuesday!  Our weekend was busy, but a good one!

Saturday was a very exciting day - we went wedding dress shopping with Meghan!  It was myself, Brynn, her two sisters Katy and Molly, and her mom Mary.  We made a first stop, saw some great options then did a ladies lunch at Cafe Campagne and moved onto another stop where we had a big contender then took a break for the day.

Sunday was a big day - Meghan said yes to the dress!  We saw a dress hanging there and all said, she had to try that one on and it was perfect, a big yes from all of us!  And in one fell sweep - we found our bridesmaid dresses too!  

In other news Nick and I went to La Isla with friends on Friday and saw Zero Dark Thirty - it was excellent!  I also watched the Katy Perry movie (way better than I expected!) with my friend Erin and then Sunday Joleen hosted all the girls at her apartment for a fiesta night!  A busy, but fun weekend with friends!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow weekend

Good morning friends!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Nick and I spent the weekend up at my parent's cabin and got a ski day in on Sunday.  I'll let the pictures speak for itself - it was a lovely and sunny day with great skiing!

Ski day at Crystal Mountain

lots of snow at the cabin

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

Time to think ahead about the new year!  Ok, I'm a week late, but here are my 2013 goals!

1) Travel someplace new
-Always a goal for as long as we can!

2) Learn more about my SLR camera
-This year I'm serious about it, really...

3) Be better at meal planning
-I love to cook, but I am bad a planning.  It's always a mad dash to the store after work!

4) Take a cooking class
-Remembering my Thai cooking class (see below) and how much fun it was makes me want to do it again!  I've had my eye at a Parisian Macaroon class at our local Sur La Table!

I think that is it for now, maybe I'll add something later!

I hate to admit it, but yes, I forgot what my goals were for 2012!  Regardless, here's how I did:

1. Travel someplace new
Yes!  Germany, Austria and Switzerland!!  (Still need to blog about it!)




2. Take better care of my hair
Yes!  Hair is looking healthier!

3. Do more strength training
Yes!  I started doing a weight-training fitness class as well as a resistance band class.  (I forgot this was even a goal of mine so I'm glad I made a passing grade!)

4. Learn/try something new
Kinda... In January I took a Thai cooking class with some friends!  I had never attempted to cook any sort of Asian cuisine before and now I do!  

5. Learn more about my SLR camera
Kinda... I'm slowly learning more, but this is for sure getting added for next year!

Bring on 2013!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More holiday recaps

December was a fun and busy month and I wanted to catch up on the rest of the fun!

There was some not fun stuff though, my wonderful grandfather passed away on Dec. 19 in Memphis.  It was peaceful and my mom, dad and grandmother were there.  A good, long life at 93 and I will forever have fond memories of him!

Other happier happenings from the past month:

Significant others dinner at Cuoco!  This was a fun dinner we did with all of the "significant others" as we call ourselves!  Nick's guy friends have a great group of girlfriends/fiances/wives so we got a group together to catch up before the holidays.  Very lucky to have these girls in my life!

Annual Christmas dinner with Meghan and Brynn at The Whale Wins.  Delcisous dinner with the girls at this fairly new restaurant and I would love to go back sometime soon!  We started this annual traidion years ago as a fun way to get together around the holidays!

Dinner with our Australian family at Spinasse!  Nick and I returned to this delicious restaurant with our bother-in-law's parents when they were visiting.  Amazing food and wine and great company!

And then this past past weekend we spent some time at my parents cabin and then hit the slopes at Crystal Mountain

And we officially ended 2012 with a yummy dinner at La Isla - a Puerto Rican restaurant in Seattle.

I think that about covers the end of the year!


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