Monday, March 11, 2013

Europe 2012 day 3: Swiss Alps

Day 3 (Sept. 6, 2012) of the trip brought up to the main destination to our trip - the beautiful Swiss Alps, our first of three days in the Berner Oberland region.

Not a bad day to hike the Alps

We took a train from Lucerne to Interlaken and from there took another train up into the mountains to a little town called Lauterbrunnen which was our home base for the next two nights (we stayed our 3rd night in Interlaken).  The train tracks were were on are considered part of the "Golden Pass" - incredibly scenic and some of the train cars are panoramic cars - where you get extra large window to see all the sights!

Extra large windows in the "panoramic cars" on the Golden Pass

Once we got into lovely city of Lauterbrunnen, we checked into our cute hotel (had a snack of Swiss cheese) and right away went out to explore the alps!!

A map of the Berner Oberland - click to enlarge

The one street in Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen is the last stop in the Oberner Oberland region where you can get around by car or train - it's gondolas and cable cars the rest of the way.  Really fun, but not for anyone scared of heights!

Our full day of hiking - click to enlarge

We went from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp via a gondola (point A to B on my homemade map) - our first of many the next few days!

heading up!

Once we got to Grutschalp, we did a 90 minute hike to Murren (point B to C), another small alpine resort town similar to Lauterrunnen.

lots of different hiking options and how long it takes to get there

Beautiful day for a hike (balancing camera on a backpack - I got good at that move)

A restaurant midway for hikers

Pictures from the town of Murren...

From Murren, we headed down a trail to Gimmelwald (point D), about an hour away.  A teeny town, 120 full time residents!

Rick Steves book all the way
One of the many BASE jumpers we saw over the next three days

Mr. Cow popping by to say hello!

Swiss cat

Walking to the other end of Gimmelwald, we bought tickets for the cable car back down to the valley floor, just north of Stechelberg (point E), and walked the 90 minutes or so back to Lauterbrunnen (point A).

Our ride

View of the gondola from a different angle

A steep ride down!

We made it down!

We had a great day in the Alps and had a lot of exciting Swiss adventures ahead!

Next stop: a trip to the Top Of Europe - a train takes us to 11,782 feet


Sienna said...

i CANNOT get over how gorgeous it is. it's so green! and those butterflies! i'd die. you two are such a cute couple, seriously

Meghan said...

Your pictures are amazing! Seeing them makes me want to go back to Switzerland so badly. We definitely were loyal Rick Steves guidebook fans, pretty sure I have a similar picture from Germany. Can't wait to read your next recap!

Danielle Noah said...

These pictures are amazing! A dream trip.

I am excited to happen upon another Seattle blogger!

dani //

Sarah and Stewart said...

That train ride looks so fun, and what an amazing view! Gorgeous photos.

Mandy Southgate said...

Wow, Carol. What an incredibly stunning post! You photos are so beautiful and I can't believe some of those involved a balancing act on a rusksack!! It really does look like my idea of paradise.

I haven't dont serious hiking before. How far do you hike in a day?

Erica said...

Those windows on that train are awesome!

Looks like an incredible day and you're making me seriously want to book the first flight to Europe!!

Nicole Marie said...

wow those views!!!!

Kristin said...

Amazing pictures!!!!!

Carrie {Living It Up in U.P.} said...

These are some breathtaking photos! You have me convinced to travel to Switzerland!

Meg {henninglove} said...

geesh that is a steep ride down indeed! i love the train with the huge windows helps to see the gorgeous views better. carol you make me want to book a trip to switzerland right now!

heather{land} said...

Carol -- I just love traveling vicariously through you two! What a lovely vacation! Adding the Alps to my travel list :)

Allison said...

These pictures could not be more stunning! Did you bring your dSLR? I have yet to master doing auto-timing on mine and having the pictures not be totally fuzzy and awful.
I cannot get over how stunning Switzerland is. All the hiking and everything looks perfect - I definitely am craving a trip so badly (this is so repetitive from every single time you post, I know!). As always, you look beautiful and SO happy. Thanks for sharing, love!

LeeLee said...

What a beautiful trip. Great photos.

Tara said...

Stunning! What time of year did you go?

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Stunning photos. :) So glad you had a great time, girl.


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