Sunday, October 20, 2013

Europe 2012 day 7: Fussen and castles

Before I blog about Thailand - going back into the archives of last year...

The next day (Sept. 10, 2012) we made our way to the small Bavarian town of Fussen (2 hours outside of Munich) to see the  Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles.  

Beautiful day to see castles

It's a popular tourist stop so everything was very efficient, but it requires a lot of walking inside and outside of the castles.   Our first stop was Hohenschwangau castle.  This was "Mad" King Ludwig's first home.  No pictures inside the castle were allowed, but it was beautiful inside!  

"Mad" King Ludwig's first home before building Neuschwanstein


There's Neuschwanstein in the background


After the 30 minute tour, we stopped and had some lunch and then made out way up to Neuschwanstein.  Before hitting the second castle though, our first stop was St. Mary's bridge - for some great views!

As I do in every stop - a picture for Rick Steves

Just like the 3D castle I had when I was little

view of the town below

We then toured Neuschwanstein (sometimes called Cinderella's castle).  No pictures allowed inside either.

The enterace

Inside the courtyard

After the castles, we did the Rick walking tour of Fussen - visiting the old town, the cemetery, the riverbank and the high castle. Having never seen one before, we bought a milk-chocolate covered schneeball from a bakery and took it for the train ride home. 

Treat for the train ride back to Munich

When we arrived back in Munich we headed straight for the main Augustiner beer garden west of the train station, well out of the city center.   It's also the oldest beer garden in all of Munich and ended up being my favorite of the trip (Nick's was later in Salzburg).  

What we found was decidedly untouristy: no English signs and very little spoken, and hardly another tourist in sight. We stumbled our way through the food line, ending up with brats and sauerkraut and a big pretzel and lager to share, and enjoyed it at one of the hundreds of tables filling the lot.
The tempature was perfect to sit outside with our beer and brats!

relaxing after a day of touring

The place was huge

Very casual with communal seat yourself tables - I loved it!

Next stop: Another day in Munich!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Return from Thailand and Cambodia

We are back from a wonderful trip to SE Asia!  I still need to sort through all my pictures, but here is a sampling of our vacation from my Instagram account.

9/6 - Leaving Seattle (we lost a day crossing the international date line)

9/8 - Bayon Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia

9/9 - TaProhm (where Tomb Raider with Angelina was filmed) and Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

9/10 - Bangkok

9/11 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

9/12 - Biking in rice fields and a Thai Boxing match in Chiang Mai

9/13 - Best day ever at the Patara Elephant Farm

9/14 - Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai

9/15 - Kata Beach in Phuket

9/16 - Krabi, Thailand

9/17 - Phi Phi islands and Maya Bay (where Leo filmed The Beach)

9/18 - relaxing in Koh Samui, Thailand

9/19 - Survived our first Full Moon Party on Koh Pha Ngan

9/20 - Koh Tao

9/21 - Koh Smaui

9/22 - Happy hour on the beach in Koh Samui

9/23 - our final night on the beach - including doing a sky lantern

 9/24 - final night of our trip, we went up to the SkyBar at Lebua (Hangover Part 2 scene was filmed here too)

9/25 - home!!!

I still need to finish up posts from out vacation LAST year - but then Thailand to come soon!


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