Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Europe 2012 day 11: Part 2: Salzburg, Austria

Continuing on after the Sound of Music Tour post, part two of Salzburg, Austria

After the tour (still on Sept. 14, 2012), we walked south past the Salzburg Cathedral to see the St. Peter's cemetery.  This was the inspiration for the scene in the Sound of Music when they are getting looked for before escaping, but it was filmed on a sound stage, not here.

Salzburg Cathedral

In Salzburg they love the Sound Of Music and Mozart - he is everywhere.  Even more so than the Sound Of Music.  Mozart was born here and there are Mozart candy shops and knick-knacks with his picture everywhere.

 Then went up to the fortress that overlooks the city. The castle grounds themselves are impressive - and seemed very "Game of Thrones" (which we had just started on this trip)!  The views from the top of the fortress were fantastic!  And the beautiful blue sky certainly helped.

Inside the fortress area

After the castle we saw there was a little trail that would take us to the Augustiner cloister and brewery at the other end.  The walk was pretty (about 1.5 miles) and gave lots of great views of the town from above.  We love this city!

We finally arrived at the Augustiner Braustubl. This was Nick's favorite restaurant/beer garden of the trip, so glad we went there. The brewery was founded by Augustinian monks in 1621 and this is their old monastery, so the building is really neat. There are four or five big beerhall rooms inside, along with a miniature strip mall of all kinds of picnicky food, and outside is a huge chestnut-tree-shaded area with hundreds of picnic tables.

The best part is the beer: you grab an earthenware liter stein from a big shelf, rinse it out at a little fountain, pay the lady at the counter, and take your receipt to the guy with the huge cask, where he fills it up for you.

The outside eating area is very relaxing and apparently you are free to bring your own food as long as you buy beer.

Nick liked this place so much that I bought one of their mugs as a take-home souvenir.

We then headed back to the hotel to freshen up then walked around the city at night.

I would say this was probably one of my favorite days of the trip - it was going to be very hard to say goodbye to Salzburg.  Bu up next was the small lake town of Hallstat, Austria!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fall/winter catch up

Since it's been a while since I've posted about the present - a little catch up session via instagram!

Fall for us was full of Husky football - lots of fun as always!

On November 21 we celebrated Nick's 30th birthday!  We had birthday dinners at Brave Horse Tavern and Stoneburner - both delicious!  

Lots of beautiful fall days

Christmas was fantastic and we saw lots of lights this year at Garden D'Lights and ZooLights

Macklemore concert at the Key Arena! Seattle is his hometown and this was the last concert of his world tour, so it was an extra special concert for him.

For our annual Christmas dinner, Meghan, Brynn and I went to Mamnoon - a middle-eastern restaurant.  Very tasty!  (Picture taken at the Macklemore concert)

We rang in 2014 with a fun dinner party at our friend's house - happy new year to everyone!


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